Samsung Galaxy vs. Cloud 9 – Quarter finals Game 3 – Rundown

Samsung Galaxy, 22 kills – Cloud 9, 11 kills. 39:45

Yet another long game between the two teams which was once again saw Samsung destroy cloud 9 in both kills but most importantly pressure and ending with a huge 12k gold difference. This game saw once again Samsung getting first blood, but once again in a different lane, this time the top lane. The first blood this time was in the top lane in a 1 v 1 fights between CuVee and Impact, where Samsung’s ‘CuVee’ on Poppy scored a very well played first blood against C9’s ‘Impact’ on Jayce. Shortly after, there was a 3 man gank against Jensen which resulted in both Jensen’s Flash and Ghost being burnt along with his life.

After that, there isn’t much more to say beside every lane ended up winning and snow balling. This lead to increased fights in favor of Samsung as C9 constantly ran out of damage following their tiny bursts which posed not much of a threat against Samsung’s tanky team filled and peeling composition. The end of the game was extremely messy as some of Samsung decided to attack the nexus while some members were very greedy for kills.