Samsung Galaxy vs. ESC Ever – LCK week 7 – Previews & predictions

Samsung vs ESC

ESC Ever are one of the few teams that can topple over SKT. Not only did they beat them last year during Korea’s Kespa Cup, but again last week. It really comes as a surprise for a 7th seeded rookie team to defeat world champions. From here onwards, ESC are only going to get better. But as of now, ESC are a team that usually come out of the pick/ban phase with very strong drafts. They are able to determine what they want to allocate resources to; generally speaking an emphasis is placed on Tempt and Loken. They have some decent objective control and team fighting is sub-par with more experienced teams.

Samsung on the other hand have experienced huge success this split. Their macro play is very smart and snowball picks into objective control and baron. CuVee is a highlight of this team; with a lot of solo kill pressure and adapting well into this top lane carry meta.

Samsung are favourites coming into this match-up and it would be an upset for them to drop a game. However, ESC are looking very good, especially when it comes to these best of threes. While I do not expect them to pull off a victory, they should be able to take a least one victory.

Prediction: 55% Samsung Galaxy | 45% ESC Ever (Close game)