Samsung Galaxy vs. Jin Air Green Wings Preview LCK Week 3 Summer Split

Samsung Galaxy play Jin Air Green Wings on Wednesday the 8th of June at 8pm local time in Week 3 of the LCK Summer Summer Split.



Both Samsung and Jin Air have started the season off (3-0) and (2-0) respectively. However, have yet to have games against tougher opponents like each other, SKT and ROX Tigers.

Samsung have been testing out a new ADC ‘Ruler’, who has been a much more impactful and skilled than their previous ex-Dignitas ADC CoreJJ. Samsung have had an interesting pick-ban phase, pulling out Fiora for CuVee and supportive ADC’s like Ezreal and Ashe.



While Samsung might be having a more carry orientated top laner, I highly doubt that will mitigate TrAce. I’ve been a Jin Air for a very long time, back to the pre-GBM, Chaser and Captain Jack days. Jin Air are without a doubt a favourite coming into this match-up, with formidable team fighting and diving capabilities.

Prediction: Samsung Galaxy 45% | Jin Air Green Wings 55% (1-2 Jin Air)

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