Samsung Galaxy vs. SBENU SONICBOOM – LCK 2016 – Week 11 – Day 1 – Preview

The matchup between Samsung Galaxy vs. SBENU SONICBOOM in Week 11, Day 1 of LOL LCK will take place on Wednesday, 23rd of March 2016


Much wow. Many win. Very good. SBENU SONICBOOM have finally picked up their first win this split. And what does this prove? Absolutely nothing. A meaningless win that will allow SBENU to have the bragging rights about being equal last in the LCK. While a bottom tier team can bring about an exciting game against another bottom tier team, they will stand no chance when it comes to battling it out against the big boys.

What a time it is to be Samsung right now. Last week, they not only surprised the Korean League of Legends scene, but impressed the whole world by taking down the best team in the world, the ROX Tigers. Samsung displayed super clean shot calling, perhaps even cleaner than the Tigers themselves. But the real standout of this match-up was Ambition who carried his team harder than Bjergson on TSM, than Faker on SKT or even me in solo queue. Ambition took every opportunity that was available on the map, and snowballed his team to victory.

Samsung should cruise to an easy win against SBENU.

Prediction: Samsung 95% | SBENU SONICBOOM 5%