Santorin league NRG on friendly terms

Santorin has announced via twitter that he will be leaving NRG Esports and he is currently a free agent looking for another team.

Santorin has had a very bright career so far, playing for teams such as Team Coast, Team Huna, Team Ember and most well known for playing with Team Solo mid in the NA challenger series. At the time Santorin played for TSM, he was a skilled player that was awarded “Rookie of the Split”, which is major achievement for up and coming pro players, he was however dropped following a horrifying year for TSM where they placed equal last place in Worlds.

Santorin has since leaving TSM played for Team Huna, Ember and eventually arriving at NRG early this year signing as their Jungler. Santorin has likely left due to the poor performance NRG displayed this NA LCS split, where they finished 4-14 ending in 9th place.

It’s great that Santorin has announced he is still willing to continue his career in the League of Legends scene, since even though he planned to quit after his performance in TSM, he has still not been discouraged and his great team communication skills remain. He is well known as a heavy ganking jungler and his future team will definitely appreciate his role as laners tend to gain an advantage earlier whenever he jungles.

As an current free agent, he announced he will be streaming in the meantime while he looks for another team, so we’ll see a lot more of Santorin on Twitch. You can check him out on Twitch Here