SBENU SONICBOOM vs. KT Rolster – LCK 2016 – Week 10 – Day 2 – Preview

The matchup between SBENU SONICBOOM vs. KT Rolster in Week 10, Day 2 of LOL LCK will take place on Thursday, 17th of March 2016

KT Rolster

There are so many different ways to lose in League of Legends. You can lose the early game and surrender at 20, you might be slowly losing throughout the entire game, you might throw at a baron or dragon, a lane might feed like there’s no tomorrow or you might win one game only to lose the rest in your best of three. Well for SBENU SONICBOOM, they’ve lost in every way possible and this match up is no different. No matter what happens, they’ll lose and turn into a dank meme.

There is no feasible explanation as to why KT Rolster should lose this match up. As one of the more paced and controlled teams of the LCK, I firmly believe that any small lead SBENU can salvage in the early game cannot be sustained. KT will simply outplay the macro game; out rotate, group better, tower dive more convincingly and so forth.

Prediction: SBENU SONICBOOM 0% | KT Rolster 100%

Outcome: KT Rolster (2-0)