SC 2 IEM Katowice R16 Review Day 2


Polt VS Dayshi:

Polt VS Dayshi was a landslide for Polt. He took a convincing 3-0 over Dayshi, moving on to play Firecake in the Ro8.
FireCake VS Has: This matchup was a bit more one sided than expected. Firecake took it 301 over Has, who, though not the best Protoss, was expected by myself and a few others to go 3-2.

MaNa VS HuK:

HuK took a 3-0 over MaNa as well as PiG so far in the tournament, making him the only player to be 6-0 as of the end of Day 2 at IEM Katowice.
Nerchio VS SortOf: This went about as expected. SortOf is a good Zerg, but not near the caliber of Nerchio, which was shown by his being 3-0d, though his performance was better than expected.

MarineLorD VS viOlet:

MarineLorD and viOlet made a eyecandy series between eachother, it ending 3-2 in favor of viOlet, much to every Terran’s dismay. I highly suggest watching it, as it was a great example of just how impressive these 2 players are.

More to follow as the Day 3 action kicks of, check all the previews now.