SC 2 IEM Katowice Semi Final Preview

IEM Starcraft
The Startcraft IEM Katowice semi finals will be played on Saturday the 5th of March 2016.

Polt (60%) VS Nerchio (40%):

Polt and Nerchio have both shown dominating performances all tournament long. In TvZ, we saw Polt clean up Lambo and FireCake, both of which are quite good Zerg players. Meanwhile, we didn’t get to see Nerchio’s TvZ. If his TvZ is on the same level as the ZvP we got to see, then he has a chance, but Polt seems to be dominating Zergs at the moment.

Betting Tip: Polt at 1.70 or better

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Snute (55%) VS Hydra (45%):

Both players have shown what they can do to great extents so far in this tournament. This will almost surely be a 3-2 that could go either way, but I have to give the slight edge to Snute for his performance against viOlet.

Betting Tip:

Snute at $2 or better.

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