SC2 IEM Katowice Day 3 Previews

IEM Starcraft

RO 16 Predictions

Hydra (60%) VS Neeb (40%)

Hydra and Neeb are both interesting players in this tournament, Neeb being the one everyone is watching to see how he does, and Hydra being the consistent Zerg player. Although Neeb could surprise us and take the match versus Hydra, Hydra is looking favored due to his immense experience.

Elazer (55%) VS iAsonu (45%)

Elazer and iAsonu both showed us that they have a solid understanding of ZvZ, but if I had to choose which one looks more poised to take the other down in a best of 5, I would have to lean towards Elazer. He took down Bly to make it to the ro16 with a close 3-2 victory, and it looked as though he just had every mechanic solidified a bit more than iAsonu, though it could go either way.

MaSa (30%) Snute (70%)

Ro8 Predictions:

Polt (70%) VS FireCake (30%)

Polt has shown incredible games thus far, going 5-1 in the tournament. FireCake shouldn’t be able to stop him, though it most likely won’t end in a 3-0.

HuK (60%) VS Nerchio (40%)

HuK and Nerchio should be a pretty close ZvP, as both players are around the same caliber, but HuK’s 3-0 over PiG shows that he knows quite a bit about PvZ, making him VERY slightly favored over Nerchio, who 3-1d ShoWTimE.