Season 8 start – January 16th

Pre-season is aboout to end, and we can expect quite a few changes


Just in-case you don’t know when the new season starts, it is coming extremely soon on January the 16th. As the new season starts, you rank will be reset back to unranked for those who haven’t been through a new season. As a result, you will have to play 10 placement games, note, you season 7 MMR affect the rank you will be put in. For example, a diamond player that goes 2-8 may place in platinum, where a bronze 5 unranked that goes 10-0 will likely remain in bronze, possibly even bronze 5 again if they have really bad MMR.

The pre-season is also Riot’s way to collect data and to rebalance the game. It is very likely the ‘new’ runes will undergo various changes ranging from minor tweak to complete reworks.

As always, avoid doing your placements straight away once the servers come up, since there’ll be a flood of players which may effect the MMR balance of each match (one team may be favoured with former higher ranked players).