Semifinals – League of Legends World Championships – Match predictions

October 23, 2016 – Game 1 – SKT vs ROX

Pretty disappointing that the two best teams in Korea will have to battle each other in the semifinals, nevertheless, it will be a great game. Sure one of them will be placed either third or fourth, but at least fans and all viewers alike will get to see the two teams play against each other quicker. ROX Tigers entered worlds by winning the summer split, claiming the spot of Korea’s best team. While SKT didn’t win the summer split, they were able to earn their position by achieving the higest amount of circuit / championship points out of all the other teams. These two teams both achieved 5 wins in the quarter finals, however, SKT only lost once to Flash Wolves while ROX lost twice to both CLG and ANX.

There is no doubt the games will be extremely action pack filled with mind games and I doubt either team will make many mistakes. I doubt there will be first blood given until a 3 man dive is called against a solo laner that is way too greedy, and I also doubt that solo kills will be given, and if so kept at a minimum.

Sure ROX are great, but I think SKT will be able to recover their reputation as Korea’s best team and go on to later take out the title of 2016 World’s best team.

Prediction : SKT 80% l ROX 20%
Score : 3-1

October 24, 2016 – Game 2 – SG vs H2K

Since SKT and ROX are against each other, Samsung and H2k will be force to go head to head against each other in the semifinals. Samsung have performed very well so far as they ended up 5-1 in the group stages and went an astonishing 3-0 against C9 in the semifinals. They are expected to keep up the good performance as they have shown to constantly improve, even defeating the star North American team Cloud 9. H2k entered worlds by winning their regional qualifiers, they were placed in group C, by far the easiest group in the whole competition and considered the “freelo group”. While placed in the “freelo group”, they placed 5-2, losing to AHQ and EDG, which isn’t too good for their reputation and the reputation of EU as a whole.

There is absolutely no doubt that Samsung will completely roll H2k this game. If Samsung were to drop a single match which is extremely unlikely, it would be most likely be the third game if their were 2-0, and decided to play around with H2k for awhile to exert dominance. It also has to be said that, if H2k didn’t go against ANX in the quarter finals, there would almost be no chance of them advancing to the semifinals.

Predictions : SG 95% l H2k 5%
Score : 3-0