Semifinals – League of Legends World Championships – Team rundown

All the teams in the semi finals have been locked in!

Samsung galaxy, 3 – Cloud 9, 0

SK Telecom T1, 3 – Royal Never Give Up, 1

ROX Tigers, 3 – Edward Gaming, 1

H2k Gaming, 3 – Albus Nox Luna 0

Semifinals predictions, Check out the previews below!
ROX vs. SKT – Click to view predictions
SG vs. H2k – Click to view predictions


Almost all the teams advancing to the semifinals finals completely rolled their opponents in the quarter finals, as not even one series watch brought to the fifth game. The two teams that did lose a single match against their opponents, both SKT and ROX I believe are the two best teams. This is because while they did lose, their opponents were much stronger than any other team in the quarter finals, with the arguable exception of Cloud 9.

Samsung played extremely well this quarter finals against the last North American team, Cloud 9. This was expected to be an extremely close series between the two, but Samsung surprised the crown and analysis alike with the stunning 3-0 performance.

The Semifinals match ups are extremely disappointing as the two strongest team, ROX and SKT will be going head to head against each other to advance to the finals. This isn’t ideal since I’d expect both of these teams to be performing in the quarter finals, and having one of these teams place third or fourth isn’t befitting of their capability. 

There is also the no doubt in my mind that the finals will consist of 2 Korea teams since h2k is extremely weak when compared to any of these teams even considering they pulled off a 3-0 series against Albus Nox Luna.