Several Chinese players fail their Visa Interviews

Several Chinese players have been unable to secure their visa due to not being able to pass the Visa interviews. These include two players from LGD.FY and the entire IG.V team.

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According to a reddit post backed up by proof, the team players have still been unable to get their Visas in place for their upcoming tournaments.

Source: During xiao8 stream today, Super said in the background “the visa failed, Maybe can substitute now”, and xiao8 confirmed that Monet and LPC both failed.

Later it is confirmed on Weibo that all players of iG.V went to the US Embassy during the same time period in the morning and all of their visa interviews failed as well.

EDIT: Jixing from LGD failed as well. According to LGD Weibo, “the players responded well, but most visa officers on duty were female who don’t have much knowledge about Dota 2 and Major Championships, the age and education background of the players can be somewhat troublesome as well. LGD is contacting all sides including Valve for materials and help to get through the second interview. Bless!”

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