Shanghai Major -Day 4 Recap & Day 5 Preview & Predictions

As the tournament nears completion, the top teams play off to see who is truly the best. Day 4 was filled with amazing plays and quality games.

EG v ComplexityFirst up on Day 4 was EG vs Complexity. Complexity showed promise in every game, but never managed to get into a strong position, going down 2:0 to EG. Though now out of the tournament, Complexity will be a team worth keeping an eye on as their performance in this Major has shown they are no longer a second rate team.

EG however showed their experience and skill in both games and so will have a strong run at the grand finals today.

MVP v fnatic

Next up was MVP vs Fnatic. Both teams had been underdogs coming into this tournament, and had beaten very highly rated teams to get to this point, but one of them would have to be eliminated. MVP showed themselves to be the stronger team, easily taking Fnatic out 2:0. MVP have shown this tournament that they will be a contender at the top end of international tournaments to come.

Next up was the first upper bracket match-up. The winner to go through to the grand final, and the loser to play the winner of the losers bracket for another chance at the final match.Liquid v Secret

Team Liquid faced off against Team Secret. Team Liquid showed promise in the match up, but Secret just seemed to have an answer for every play Liquid made and despite fantastic play from Liquid, they were defeated 2:0.

This went to the last match of the day, and the determining match of who would face off against Liquid for a spot in the grand final.


MVP started off unconvincingly in game 1, and never looked like they had control over any aspect of the game. EG took them down easily. Game 2 however, despite a bad start from MVP, they took a few key teamfights in the mid game and looked like they might get a chance at pushing EG’s high ground. EG stabilized, and having never given up the gold and experience lead were able to pressure MVP out of the game, taking the Koreans out 2:0.

Today’s Matches

The final day of the tournament is up today, and we’re assured to see some top quality Dota!

Liquid vs EG

Both Team Liquid and Evil Geniuses have been playing extremely well. However EG seem to be playing more consistently, and are well known for pulling out the perfect strategy in a high stakes match.

Our Prediction:

EG 2:1

EG 60% – Liquid 40%

Secret vs TBA

Secret are the clear favourites here, since they’ve beaten both Liquid and EG in match ups earlier in the upper bracket. If liquid get through we might see a clean sweep like their previous match up, but if EG make it through, then the games are likely to be much closer. EG also have more chance of pulling out some great counter drafts to upset Secret’s tempo in game to bring a hard fought victory.

Our Prediction:

Secret 3:2 vs EG or 3:1 vs liquid

Secret 70% vs Liquid

Secret 60% vs EG

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