Shanghai Major Lower Bracket Day 1 Preview & Predictions


With all the controversy surrounding the Shanghai Major settling down we hope that the main event will be as seamless and entertaining as Valves usual standard. The group stages are over and now we move onto the double elimination bracket tournament format. We now move on to the lower bracket preview packed with all but 2 Chinese teams. Will an underdog team make their way from the lower bracket to take it all just like Frankfurt? Or will we see the top teams crush their dreams of victory? Only one way to find out.

Game 1: Ehome vs Archon

It’s a classic China vs North American matchup to kick off the lower bracket games. The veteran Ehome is considered the stronger team despite their less than stellar performance in Group A and will likely perform well against Archon in this best of 1 series.
Players to watch: Cty

Prediction: Ehome 75% – Archon 25%

Game 2: compLexity vs Team Spirit

This is a tough game to predict as both teams have the potential to get further in the lower bracket. compLexity were thrust into the talent-heavy group D and were unable to win any games. Whilst Team Spirit only managed to win a series from Vici Gaming. Expect a close and entertaining match
Players to watch: Iceberg

Prediction: compLexity 50% – Team Spirit 50%

Game 3: vs Vici Gaming much like compLexity floundered in Group D against the top teams yet were very close to making it into the upper bracket losing many close games against EG and Liquid. Vici gaming however has struggled this tournament and will have to bring their A-game to stand a chance in this best of 1.
Players to watch: Silent and G

Prediction: 85% – Vici Gaming 15%

Game 4: CDEC Gaming vs Newbee

CDEC gaming has struggled to find their rhythm after coming runner up in Ti5 and it showed as they ended up on 0-2 at the end of the group stages. Newbee are in a similar situation yet still have the potential to progress through the lower bracket. This game will probably be won in the drafting phase.
Players to watch: Hao

Predictions: CDEC Gaming 50% – Newbee 50%

Big Bet at 50% – $2 or bigger