Shanghai Major tries to recover from host and production team reshuffle


It’s been the talk of the town the past couple of days as Dota’s first major of the 2016 has been filled with plenty of controversy. Long time game enthusiast and host of the Shanghai Major James “2gd” Harding was fired from his position at the end of the 2nd day of the event. This was met with an uproar as people took to reddit to voice their dismay at Valve’s decision.

But as they say in Hollywood; the show must go on.

The third day of the group stages kicked off with no stream, no host or analyst panel and viewers had to watch through the Dota TV client. Fortunately MoonduckTV along with Dota analysts and personalities such as Purge, Pimpmuckl, SirActionSlacks, Maut, and Zyori banded together hastily to do some pre and post-game analyses. You can find their videos on their twitch channel.

After 2 series had been played the stream was finally back up and running, this time in the hands of Dakota “KotLGuy” Cox who has previously worked for valve as a caster/commentator for TI4. We hope that all the kinks are ironed out before the main event starts.

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