Shanghai Major Day 3 Update

Things are heating up at the Shanghai Major. While the broadcasting has continued to be plagued with technical issues the tournament has supplied exciting matches over the past few days.

Day 2 unfortunately saw all Chinese teams eliminated. The last Chinese hopes EHOME, LGD and Newbee bowed out, being eliminated in the lower bracket.

LGD looked good to redeem themselves after being decimated by MVP in the upper bracket at the end of Day 1 in their elimination match against Complexity. The match was hard fought but Complexity managed to come out victors.

EHOME were convincingly beaten by Alliance, who despite being comfortably ahead all game, took it easy to ensure the win, and slowly pushed EHOME’s base until the Chinese team could no longer defend.

Fnatic were looking shaky after being dropped into an elimination game by EG. The TI winners were just too strong for Fnatic who never looked like they had a grasp in either game.
Newbee had to wait until the very end of day 2 to face off against Malaysian team Fnatic. It was a close battle but Mushi’s Sven was able to free farm while Newbee tried to shut down a mid Broodmother. Hao’s Spectre was Newbee’s only real chance to carry the game, but he was unable to stand up against Mushi, who sought him out and shut him down.

The local crowd were all behind Newbee, and you could feel the disappointment as the last home team was eliminated.

The champions of the Frankfurt Major OG, were able to defend their reputation by avoiding elimination after being knocked into the lower bracket 1:2 by Team Secret earlier in the day. They faced up against Virtus Pro and were able to comfortably defeat the CIS team, to advance into the top 8 teams.

Those are the results of Day 2. Here is today’s (Day 3) Schedule:

day 3 bracketUpper Bracket

Team Liquid v MVP Phoenix

MVP have been dominating in the tournament so far. Liquid have showed solid performances so far, but can they stop the Korean juggernaut?

Our Prediction:

MVP wins 2:1

MVP 55% – Liquid 45%

Team Secret v Evil Geniuses

Both Secret and EG have been playing well, but have showed signs that their opponents have found counters to their previously unbreakable drafts. Both teams are renowned for their fantastic drafting captains, and so will be a great fight. Secret will be at a big disadvantage in game 1 due to no reserve time during the draft as a penalty for an early GG call against OG, which will tip the match up in EG’s favour, but this will be the closest match up of the day most likely.

Our Prediction:

EG wins 2:1

EG 55% – Secret 45%

day 3 lower bracketLower Bracket

Alliance v Complexity

Complexity have had a mixed showing so far, with some fantastic plays but questionable drafts and execution. Alliance have been dominant leading into the tournament, but their early game dominating strategies have been shown to be easily countered in the drafts so far. Whoever takes game 1, will most likely take the morale into game 2 and take the series.

Our Prediction:

Alliance 2:0

Alliance 70% – Complexity 30%

OG V Fnatic

Despite knocking out the last Chinese team in day 2, Fnatic just haven’t shown the same high quality play of the other teams still in the tournament. After being so easily defeated by EG in the upper bracket, they’ve fought hard to stay in the competition, but most likely don’t have what it takes to defeat OG. The winners of the previous major have only wavered in the face of tournament favourites Secret, and OG will most likely take this match up easily.

Our Prediction:

OG 2:0

OG 75% – Fnatic 25%

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