Shanghai Major Upper Bracket Preview & Predictions


With all the controversies surrounding the Shanghai Major settling down we hope that the main event will be as seamless and entertaining as Valve’s usual standard. The group stages are over and now we move onto the double elimination bracket tournament format which will be best of 3 for the upper bracket. We take a look at the impressive matchups of that upper bracket which promises to be full of exciting plays, sound strategy and if we’re lucky a new meta.

Game 1: Alliance vs Team Liquid

Alliance have been on a roll as of late, ever since not qualifying for Ti5 they’ve been out to show the Dota world they’re here to stay. At one point this powerhouse had 13 consecutive victories against top-tier teams. Team Liquid on the other hand have also been playing some top quality Dota since signing the team 5Jungz in October of last year. This will be an entertaining series
Players to watch: Loda has been playing out of his mind lately. I expect more of the same in this series.

Prediction: Alliance 70% – Liquid 30%

Alliance 2 games to 1

Game 2: MVP phoenix vs LGD Gaming

MVP Phoenix came into the tournament as a bit of an underdog. The only SEA team in the Major and they have won all their group stage games against the likes of Secret and Ehome. Saying that, they still have a difficult match lined up with the Chinese powerhouse LGD gaming who are renowned for their consistent and team oriented drafts.
Players to watch: QO has been a beast this tournament

Prediction: MVP Phoenix 75% – LGD Gaming 25%

MVP Phoenix 2 games to 1

Game 3: OG vs Team Secret

This is my pick to be the match of the round. OG are the recent winners of the Frankfurt Major who climbed their way all the way from the first round of the lower bracket to win against the very same Team Secret in the finals. Both teams have 8k mmr players in Miracle and w33 but it will likely be the supporting cast such as Moonmeander and Misery who will tip the scales in a teams favour. Looking forward to this game!
Players to watch: Moonmeander is always solid in arguably the toughest position as offlaner

Prediction: OG 50% – Team Secret 50%

OG 2 games to 1

Game 4: Evil Geniuses vs Fnatic

Fnatic did well to make it into the Upper Bracket however it seems they may have drawn the short straw getting matched up against EG in the first round. PPD is hailed as one of the smartest drafters in the game and with a team lineup take advantage, it’s no surprise they’re one of the top teams right now. I see this being a one-sided affair with EG taking the initiative with solid picks and overwhelming strength from the start.
Players to watch: Arteezy and his innate ability to always find farm

Predictions: EG 80% – Fnatic 20%

EG 2 games to 1