Shanghai Major Upper Bracket Preview


Alliance vs Liquid

The first game of the main event is between Alliance and Team Liquid.

Alliance has been on the rise for a while defeating everyone in their path so far in this Major. Skipping qualifiers due to a direct invite, Alliance started their journey from the upper bracket of the group stage, defeating Team Spirit and Fnatic, 2:0 each. It’s hard to predict Alliance’s play style for any given game, as they are able to adapt to any draft and execute their strategies effectively.

Team Liquid had a rather rocky road to Main Event. Battling through qualifiers and group stage, they had more time to adapt to the meta of this Major. After losing 1:2 to Virtus.Pro, they seem to have pulled themselves together, confidently crushing Complexity Gaming and Virtus.Pro in a rematch, both 2:0. If anything, KuroKy should be able to show some impressive drafting skills against Loda.


MVP Phoenix vs LGD Gaming will no doubt be one to watch out for. This is the beginning of the winners bracket of Main Event, (playoffs) and so far both teams has shown good form, winning most of their qualifying and group games.

LGD has shown perfect play during SEA Qualifiers, somewhat struggling in grouping stage, losing the first spot to team OG. LGD utilizes their assets to show strength during all stages of the game with powerful and borderline-passive drafts. In current meta, their drafts indeed seem passive: LGD doesn’t like to focus on pushing, playing defensively to counter push with bans like Chen and picking his counter: Bounty Hunter.

MVP, on the other hand, prefer to push aggressively and early. Their ingenious drafts have led to early wins and a general hype that rose around them as players wonder if they will continue stomping everyone in their way. MVP’s recent drafts always includes at least one push and one late game oriented hero to intimidate their opponents. Their skill with these characters is just as dangerous, consistently able to establish early game dominance and close the game.

OG vs Secret

Two titans clash together in Upper Bracket of Main Event, OG, the champions of the last Major and Team Secret, strong but struggling.
OG has not shown weakness yet, defeating all of their opponents in the upper bracket, seemingly with ease. OG tends to favor mid-range drafts, never committing too much to early or late game, showing exceptional skill in all their heroes, establishing early dominance and excelling at team fights in mid game. OG always knows how to react to a game, taking the best micro and macro positioning.

During group stage, Team Secret defeated CDEC and lost to MVP in a series of two short games, but made it up with EHOME, (2:0) delivering a strong, but not very convincing performance. Secret attempts to make all of their drafts a part of a unique global strategy, but they are anything but reactive. Puppey focuses on synergy between his allies far more than on countering his enemies, dictating the pace of a game from drafting stage.

EG vs Fnatic

The underdog match of the day is between EG and Fnatic.

EG has shown unusual picks, executed great strategies, literally crushing Complexity Gaming after taking a loss 2:1 and then defeating Virtus.Pro in two intense games, both ending in EG’s victory. The individual and team skill of this team is on a level, many teams are only struggling to achieve.
Fnatic have not done well in Group Stage, winning only 4 games out of 8, however still managed to cling onto the upper bracket, defeating Team Spirit. That resulted in them facing one of the strongest teams of this tournament, as if to punish their ambition. Fnatic have encountered EG a number of times before, unable to win any of them.