Should Triple Boosts be banned??

The recently concluded IEM Katowice 2016 saw NaVi implement multiple Triple Boosts on Overpass. This was during the Semi Finals Match against LG. They did lose the match, however they managed to win the specific rounds convincingly.

You can view the Triple boosts below :



As you can see it provides an undue advantage to the team doing the boost. Even if they do not get any kills, they get lots of information as to the positioning of the enemy team. Knowing that an opponent is not in a particular position lowers the number of angles that a Terrorist has to check.


However many players were quite unhappy with the concept of Triple Boosts. Mainly the LG players found this to be extremely unfair despite the fact that they won the game.


However later on reddit, there was a point raised as to the legitimacy of the boost. The boost created a pixel walking scenario, where a design bug in the game is taken advantage of.


Reddit Article


What do you think about these triple boosts? Should Triple Boosts be allowed in general? Or are they too overpowered that they break the legitimacy of the game?