Singaporean LoL circuit to introduce new Pick-Ban phase

The pick-ban phase will expand to introduce an additional 4 extra bans!

The currently pick-ban phase has been in implementation for around 3 years, and has seemed to work out fairly well. However, some argue that the bans do not take into account enough champions. Others also claim that by putting some bans mid way into drafting also include that it will help diversify team compositions and help steer the teams away from the traditional meta game.

This new system is shown in the twitter picture above, where there is an additional “Ban Phase 2” introduced. This will means teams can ban mid way into their respective opponent’s draft which will completely change the meta, as drafting and team compositions will have to be much more respected.

If the new system works out, it will likely moved to other regions and finally move onto the public League of Legends servers.