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CSGOLounge is the most popular cs go betting site. Check our csgolounge review, betting predictions, previews, advice and csgo free bets.

CSGO Lounge Update

On Tuesday the 16th of August 2016 CSGO Lounge announced it would no longer be accepting skin bets. CS GO Lounge has plans to obtain a wagering license in jurisdictions where esports betting is legal . Updates will follow in this space.

CSGOLounge had formerly operated using skin betting.

What is Skin Betting

If you are unfamiliar with skin betting we have included a basic breakdown below.

1) Bettors deposit a skin into a skin betting website, such as csgo lounge. This is done by transferring ownership to the csgo betting website.

2)The player then users that skin to bet with, whether it is as an internal currency or monetary value that is then exchanged for skins.

3) If the bettor wins they are paid in skins which are transferred to their Steam account.

Once players have their skins in their steam account they can, use the skins to change how their weapons appear in the game, trade skins with other players, sell skins in the steam marketplace or just leave the skins dormant in their inventory.

CSGO Lounge Review

CSGO Lounge is a completely different experience compared to modern csgo betting betting bookmaker sites. CSGO Lounge offers simple interface which enables you to bet on a head to head result ( win or lose) on listed competitive csgo matches.


Simple to use
Easy to place bets
All games covered


No extra betting markets such as, total maps, first map winner, map correct score.
No csgo
bet signup bonusses – commonplace with conventional bookmakers.

Rating: 2.75/5

CSGO Free Bets

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