SK Gaming and Renegades join WESA


SK Gaming and Renegades are now members of the World Esports Association

SK Gaming and Renegades are making a big step by joining the World Esports Association as two of the first NA based and competing teams compared to the mostly European WESA. SK Gaming CEO Alex Muller stated he wished to partner with other major gaming organisations, and that WESA was an amazingly opportunity for him and the team to further progress. SK Gaming have always been one of the more well known teams in cs.go, so joining WESA would not only increase their cs.go competitively, but also their presence in other games.

SK Gaming, Muller :

“We believe that the organization fits our strategic goals with the collection of teams within WESA. We look forward to working collectively with all of the other WESA members to take esports mainstream.”

Renegades owner and Boston Celtics forward Jonas Jerebko also follows with Muller’s statements, sharing that WESA would be a great opportunity for his organisation to grow, and the partnership will allow Renegades to evolved along with the surrounding esports scene.

Renegades, Jerebko :

“The esports industry is evolving and the parallels to mainstream sports are becoming clearer. My experience in sports can positively impact Renegades and, in turn, the esports industry, and I firmly believe that WESA is the right association to help realize those goals”

This is a positive change for WESA, considering all the negative coverage they received after FaZe left the organisation as independent reporter Richard Lewis mentioned that WESA were only allowing teams and players within the organisation to compete in WESA sanctioned events.