SK Gaming crushes Faze – ESL

SK Gaming place first after topping Faze

SK gaming

The victors of the ESL Pro League Season 6 managed to crush Faze in the grand finals. While faze were able to secure the first game against SK in a close 16-13 score in Inferno they weren’t able to show their prowess later on. As the game moved to Overpass, Faze initially has a strong winning streak, however were unable to push their lead forcing their players on disadvantageous buys.

Moving to Mirage, SK demolished Faze 9-16. Faze tried to push back on the final Train map, while they did manage to go over time and give SK a run for their money, Faze were unable to secure to win, 16-19.

While this is by no means a downfall for Faze, it cements SK Gaming as one of the strongest teams in the western regions.