SK Gaming vs Torpedo Previews, Tips and Analysis

SK Gaming vs Torpedo

Today we will analyse the match up between SK Gaming and Torpedo. This match is a best of three hosted by Starladder & iLeague Invitational. The game will start at 20:00 GMT on the 14th of April 2016.

SK Gaming have been very active recently with playoffs in the Copenhagen Games 2016 in which they were eliminated by Space Soldiers in an upsetting (2 – 1) finish. They proceeded to season 4 of the Uprise Champions Cup (UCC) where they defeated enemies and hosting organisation subordinate, Copenhagen Wolves. The Danish side have also been partaking in the CEVO Professional Season 9 in which they are tied with many other well known names for first place after winning their first game of the tournament.
SK Gaming’s recent results are laid out as followed;

SK Gaming vs Team Preparation
SK Gaming vs CPH Wolves
SK Gaming vs Virtus.Pro.CS
SK Gaming vs Virtus.Pro.CS
Space Soldiers vs SK Gaming

The results show that SK Gaming are prepared and ready to take on any opponent including top contenders such as Virtus.Pro who was demolished in a best of two!

Torpedo are the Swedish opponent to SK tonight, this neighbouring team will have a big challenge as they are playing at a much lower tier than SK Gaming. Torpedo are currently attending KINGUIN Season 2 and are tied for first place after their victory against Tricked.
Torpedo’s recent results are laid out as followed;

tRICKED vs Torpedo Gaming
Torpedo Gaming vs ALTERNATE aTTaX
Arcade eSports vs Torpedo Gaming
Torpedo Gaming vs Team Empire.
Binary Dragons vs Torpedo Gaming

Torpedo have won all their recent games but bear in mind that the level of teams that they are playing against is substantially lower than that of SK Gaming.

Expected Rosters.
AcilioN, Friis, Pimp, Magiskb0Y, MODDII

Torpedo: zende, darti, atter, decent, downie

My Prediction: SK will demolish Torpedo with a (2 – 0) scoreline due to their extraordinary wins and tier they play at compared to Torpedo.

Calvin Hynes.