SK Telecom T1 advances to the semi finals – LoL Worlds 2016

SK Telecom T1 has defeated Royal Never Give Up in an amazing 3-1 series.


First game: SK Telecom T1, 6 kills – Royal Never Give Up, 12 kills.        46:45
Second game: Royal Never Give Up, 3 kills – SK Telecom T1, 13 kills.  43:03
Third game: SK Telecom T1, 21 kills – Royal Never Give Up, 8 kills.      30:08
Fourth game : Royal Never Give Up, 9 kills – SK Telecom T1, 22 kills    30:40

Check out our individual game analysis above!

SKT first stumbled in the first game, first they loss early game and almost came back, but made some very bad decisions. This allowed RNG to be able to sneak baron due to a lack of vision. SKT then made another huge error in calling to take the elder dragon which they later fought RNG for, and LOST. Royal got the first win against SKT, but SKT proceeded for 3 stunning games which were almost uncontested as the lead that SKT gained at the start allowed them to snow ball out of control.

I do have to mention infact, SKT Duke did make some serious mistakes. Throughout all his games, he didn’t do too well early, and made mistakes multiple times throughout the series and almost threw times. This placed SKT in a huge disadvantage everytime as Duke would either miss and easy poppy ult which prevented the disengage, just die which took pressure away from SKT but most noticeably wasting a teleport in the first game allowed RNG to sneak a baron and winning the game following that mistake.

SKT did however take the series out against RNG, which was somewhat expected.