SK Telecom T1 vs. Royal Never Give Up – Quarter finals Game 1 – Rundown


SK Telecom T1, 6 kills – Royal Never Give Up, 12 kills. 46:45

This was an extremely intense game which saw swings in both teams. Originally RNG had the early lead and ended up getting the first 3 dragons without much trouble. However, RNG were unable to utilise this lead and which lead to them making questionable plays in desperation. Most of these failed such as the mid lane clown fiesta which proved that RNG were truely desperate to get a further lead against SKT’s favourable team composition.

SKT were holding up well, but all started to go wrong when RNG successfully snuck a baron. SKT then moved on to start elder dragon in desperation to balance off RNG’s baron, an extremely bad call as SKT were unable to burn down the elder dragon fast enough. This lead to RNG easily contesting the elder dragon with their already obtained baron buff which secured elder for RNG and also decimated SKT.