SK Telecom T1 vs. Royal Never Give Up – Quarter finals Game 2 – Rundown

Royal Never Give Up, 3 kills – SK Telecom T1, 13 kills. 43:03

Not even a close game between the two teams. SKT secured an early 2 kills against RNG in the bot lane river at a mere 3 minutes into game! This allowed both mid and bot to snowball which saw the two lanes getting completely out of hand in the late game. Duke was also able to play reasonably safe for the start of the game, with the exception of the questionable fight against Uzi in the bot lane, which he thought was a 1 v 1, but ended up to be 3 members of RNG collapse on him. Not to mention, Duke also blew flash for no reason when he flashed towards Uzi without any spells up aside from his Q which would not have been enough damage.

SKT then moved to get a few more kill, leading onto an uncontested dragon. It was then SKT decided that they couldn’t allow RNG to scale anymore, and they were force to make a decision to push for inhibitor and break the base. Once SKT got bottom inhib after a very messy fight, they were able to push the wave accordingly and secure the top inhib as well. They then proceeded for the final push and overwhelm RNG in their own base taking out the game.