SK Telecom T1 vs. Royal Never Give Up – Quarter finals Game 3 – Rundown

SK Telecom T1, 21 kills – Royal Never Give Up, 8 kills. 30:08

The game opened with a first blood in the bot lane fight, involving the bot lane of the two teams and SKT’s jungler which helped secure the first blood for Bang. The bot lane fight also attract RNG’s jungles which did bring some pressure along with the teleport from Looper in the top lane but in the end was for nothing. 

As the game progressed, there wasn’t much response from RNG aside from the gank by RNG on the botlane which utilised the flash and kick from Mixg killing Bang. This prompted a quick response from SKT which lead to the reply kill against Mata. The game then again resumed to a fairly steady pace where SKT slowly but surely secure a few kills and extend the gold lead between the teams. 21 minutes in saw a fight between the two team which expectedly was in SKT’s favour in 4 for 1. While faker did die in the fight, SKT were still able to secured an easy baron which enabled them to both heavily pressure bot lane and enable SKT to split push top lane for the inhib.

As both inhibs fell for RNG, SKT moved to secured another baron safely and proceeded to push down the mid lane with the support of the baron empowered minion. They were able to easily end the game as RNG left the nexus almost uncontested with all many members in the fountain due to the overwhelming damage and poke from SKT.