SK Telecom T1 vs. Royal Never Give Up – Quarter finals Game 4 – Rundown

Royal Never Give Up, 9 kills – SK Telecom T1, 22 kills 30:40

RNG was able to secured first blood in the bot lane in an extremely close 2 v 2 fight where Mata was extremely close to death but ended up surviving with health in the 2 digits. This prevented first blood for SKT and provided Uzi with the first blood Wolf, a major blow to SKT. At this point RNG were ahead 2-0, but all started to go wrong when they were over confident and though they could dive Faker without contest from SKT. This bad play from RNG did end up killing Faker, however, so both Lee sin’s flash and kick was blown from Mixg to secure the kill on Faker under turret. The fight then ended up turning sour for RNG as SKT were able to secure 2 kills under torrent while Faker was pounced upon. It started to go worse for RNG following the mid lane spill, as the bot lane of the two teams fought it out resulting in an easy kill for Bang with the last auto jhin crit. This fight blew both of Mata’s summonses and Uzi’s heal, whereas the SKT botlane blew no summoners that easy kill. 

The game from then on was pretty messy, in the mid game at 25 minutes in, RNG over committed to killing Faker which meant they blew to many skills along with the Lee sin kick. This allowed SKT to re-engage with the jhin ultimate by slowing RNG’s retreat which allowed SKT to come out on top of the fight, 3 kills for Faker’s death. From the fight, SKT proceeded for baron and regrouped mid. They moved as a team to RNG’s top side jungle where yet another messy fight was taking place. This saw Faker yet again being focused, but this time u killed leading to the decimation of RNG as SKT rolled through the backline securing the ace and the game.