SK Telecom T1 vs. Samsung Galaxy – Game 2 – Analysis


Game 2 saw Samsung getting an early lead by securing first blood along with a few other kills

Samsung propelled ahead of SKT in the early phases of the game, where Samsung had a substancial gold advantage mostly from the members creep score. However, as expected, SKT quickly rebounded in the 9-10 minute bottom lane dive against them, which resulted in SKT’s favor as they got a kill along with multiple summoners spells being blown. This gave SKT a huge confidence boost and allowed lanes to be pushed out which placed Samsung is a disadvantageous position leading to an additional member being picked off soon after.

Samsung continued to perform poorly and make bad decisions which lead to them being picked off. While they did make a call dive bot lane and sent all members to bot lane, they were only able to traded a 2 for 2. This meant pressure was lost in every other lane, and vision control was given to SKT. From this, Faker was also extremely fed which allowed SKT to later run down Samsung as the Ryze was almost unkillable with a ton of damage.