SK Telecom T1 vs. Samsung Galaxy – Game 4 – Analysis


Hyped up from Game 3, Samsung held their ground against SKT and secured first blood

The first blood by Samsung was amazing, as CuVee managed to pull off a solo kill turret dive against one of the World’s best top laners SKT Duke. Faker also got picked off soon after by getting greedy and overstepping in lane to kill a minion. This gave the opportunity for Samsung to pick Faker off, but wouldn’t have been secured if Faker didn’t directly step into the Jhin’s ultimate shot.

Samsung gained a lead in the mid game for awhile from an advantageous fight at the red side red buff. where CuVee had teleport flanked SKT to utilize his Kennen ult to the maximum damaging a majority of SKT’s members. From this, Samsung got Baron buff and allowed to push and break the SKT base after picking off the out of position Faker. While SKT did have an advantage this early game, and even in the late game had a kill lane, they were unable to fight 5 v 5 against Samsung. As they lost the dragon fight, and the death of Bang, Wolf and Duke, Samsung hard pushed to end the game.