SK Telecom T1 vs. Samsung Galaxy – Game 5 – Analysis

An extremely action packed game that could have gone either way


SKT gained an early advantage through first blood in the bot lane from a strong gank by SKT’s jungler Benji. While Samsung did respond a little later through the mid lane dive of Faker, Samsung’s jungler Ambition did die to turret as a consequence of hard diving faker. Samsung further fell behind when Crown was greedy and decided to stay in lane to push out the favor, as a result, he was killed by Benji with the support of Wolf roaming from the bot lane.

Kills were traded back and fourth fairly evenly the mid lane initiation by Samsung, where they were able to both kill Faker and Duke, key players in the SKT composition aswell as securing the Cloud drake. Following this, the game was extremely messy, with both teams predominantly Samsung having members out of position and getting caught. This allowed SKT to secure dragon and later on sneak a baron.

The final push which secured the win for SKT as the world champions involved all of the lanes being pushed in with super minions, allowing them to secure elder dragon with 3 prior dragon buffs. From the elder buff, SKT were able to burn through Samsung’s health bars and dive them under the nexus turrets and later securing the win.