SK Telecom T1 vs Samsung Galaxy – LoL Worlds 2016 – Finals Predictions

SK Telecom T1 will take on Samsung Galaxy in the Finals for Worlds 2016 on Saturday the 29th of October

samsung-vs-skt-worldsSK Telecom T1 has been one of the biggest teams throughout League of Legends and are the current defending world champions. They have won two World Championships including the 2013 and 2015 World championships where they totally dominated both their groups and their opponents.

This year, SKT have been a little weaker as not only did they lose to Flash Wolves, but their win against ROX Tigers was extremely shaky that could’ve easily went the other way. However, there is no doubt that SKT did earn their place in Worlds, and the finals overall as they had to battle Korea’s top team the ROX Tigers to secure their spot in the finals.

Samsung have played very well this year even though they are considered Korea’s bottom team at worlds, out of them, SKT and ROX. They have the least losses at Worlds so far only losing to TSM. These wins were definitely earned as many of their games completely not only dominated their opponent, but with minimal mistakes. Samsung also went against extremely highly rated teams not only in their groups, but also Cloud 9 and H2k.

I think Samsung have a shot against SKT, but I’ll still side with SKT once again. SKT are still an extremely strong team, and with the help of Benji, I don’t think Samsung will be able to do that much against the god duo Faker and Benji.

Predictions : Samsung Galaxy 25% l SK Telecom T1 75%

Score : 1-3