SK vs Ancient – Dreamhack Malmo EU Closed Qualifier #1 Tips, Odds and Preview

Dreamhack Malmo


SK and Team Ancient are matched up against each other in the DreamHack Masters Malmö 2016 Europe Closed Qualifier #1 to be held on the 13th of March 2016 at 12:00 CET.




SK lineup

SK have been very inconsistent in their matches they did manage a win on Cache in overtime yesterday against Faze.  However they lost the next map, Mirage 16-3 in what is definitely an embarrassing scoreline on a map that Cache traditionally perform well on.

SK latest matches : 

SK Latest Matches

Most of Sk’s matches have been very close with 14-16 , 17-19, 25-23 scorelines.

Team Ancient

Ancient Lineup

Team Ancient consists of a Swedish lineup. They have managed to garner a lot of wins and they seem to be able to close out their matches well. Something to note is that even if their matches are close, they almost always come out ahead of the other team. The last time that these two teams played, Ancient won 16-14. Ancient have been improving in their matches lately and the team won their last LAN despite a miserable 1-16 loss to Preparation on Cobblestone in the opening match.


The Prediction : 55%-45% Ancient

The Bet : Low on Ancient