SK vs Astralis | E League Group C | Tips Odds And Previews



SK and Astralis are matched up against each other in the playoff stage of Group C for Eleague to be held on the 8th of june 2016 at 20:30 CEST


SK looked decent yesterday against CLG. However they were not able to close it out 2-0 and that is cause for worry for me. SK rely on maps that are very team oriented and gameplay based. However losing out to CLG 14-16 even is not a good result for the Danish roster. Traditionally SK have almost never been able to fare well against Astralis. Astralis have always been able to crush their Danish counterparts be it Dignitas or SK.


Astralis will be playing with Karrigan today. Their game-play yesterday was definitely more of a puggy style of gameplay. They themselves admitted they were not going to play according to their plans and it would be a very puggy style of play.


Overall I think Astralis should be able to come out ahead. Yes they did have a scare againts NRG on Train, but you have to realise that NRGs best map is Train. But then Astralis were also able to strike back and make a comeback from 14-8 to 14-16.


The Prediction : 70%-30% Astralis

The Bet : Medium on Astralis to win ( except if maps are Cobblestone, Cache [icb on SK])