SK vs Astralis – Train – ESL Pro League Season 3 Tips, Odds and Preview



SK and Astralis are matched up against each other in the ESL Pro League Season 3 Group Stage to be held on the 13th of March 2016 at 18:00 CET on the map of Train.



SK came off the Online EU Qualifiers after losing to Ancient. They had a good lead on two maps but they choked and ultimately lost the map.


The team was clearly shattered judging from Pimp’s Tweets Post Match




Both these tweets point towards a huge disadvantage mentally and physically for SK.Gaming


Astralis won against EnVyUs on Train yesterday. The match did go quite close with a 16-13 difference between the teams. Astralis definitely need to step up their game against the other tier one teams, however they seem to be pretty confident on Train which is traditionally one of their better maps. Device is lethal with his AWP on this map while Karrigan holds off A site with deft manoeuvres and skilful tact. He can manipulate his positioning to surprise the enemy and take multiple kills.


The Prediction : 70%-30% Astralis

The Bet : Medium on Astralis