SK vs EnVyUs – ESL Tips, Odds and Preview


SK vs EnVyUs – Mirage


SK will be playing against EnVyUs on Mirage for this match. mirage is a map that SK had perfected to quite a margin. It is amongst their top 2-3 maps.


EnVyus are definitely the better team here. There is no way SK defeat them if both teams play to their best. EnVyUs has become much better on Mirage over the past few months. SK have managed to defeat several good teams on Mirage. Back in December they won against NIP, EnVyUs ( or was it NaVi  ?) on the map. Their Mirage definitely is something to learn from.


EnVyus on the other hand are definitely on a 7-8 winning streak on Mirage. Mirage has not traditionally been one of their best maps, however they have definitely improved by leaps and bounds on the game. EnVyUs also just won a LAN tournament and they are definitely in a comfort zone.


The issue with this game is that EnVyUs is known to not take things seriously at the beginning of a tournament always. Either ways the odds for this match would go really bad in favor of EnVyUs.


The Prediction : 73%-27% EnVyUs

The Bet : ICB – Low on SK