SK vs Faze – Mirage – ESL Pro League Season 3 Tips, Odds and Preview


SK and Faze are matched up against each other in the ESL Pro league Season 3 Match to be held on the 12th of March 2016 at 23:00 CET on the map of Mirage.




SK are a decent tier two Danish team. Their strengths lie in their diverse map pool. They have favored maps such as Cobblestone, Overpass, Train and Mirage. The Danish team have received a much needed roster change and with the addition of Pimp, the level of experience and aim of the team has risen significantly.


SK have played decently on Mirage in recent games although they had a loss versus EnVyUs on the map (19-22). The team performs around MODDII and Magiksboi as the cores. However every player needs to contribute in order for the team to succeed.




Faze haven three matches on Mirage in 2016, of which they won only one. As such, they do not seem to have practised much on this map and they will be at a disadvantage. The team in itself is quite competent however they don’t seem to be hitting their shots presently. The motivation factor of the team looks to be quite low right now and this match should be viewed only as a means of measuring the team for future bets.


If you do decide to bet on this match, bet low on SK. Its a very high risk match and should be dealt with caution.


The Prediction : 55%-45% SK

The bet : Low on SK