SK vs Flipside , Tips Odds and Previews – ESL One Cologne 2016

ESL Cologne 2016

SK and Flipside are matched up against each other in the Quartefinals of ESL One Cologne Major to be held on the 8th of July 2016 at 13:30 CEST

SK have been on top of their game for a long time now. With the exit of NIP, EnVyUs and Gamers2 a finale between SK and Fnatic/NaVi seems to be on the cards now. It is an apt finale for the Major as these teams have been on top of their game for quite sometime.


SKś strength lies not only in their aim but also in the way Fallen calls for the team. There is an unusual amount of preparation that goes on into their game and more often than not it’s the mid round calls that tilt the scales in their favor. In their earlier days, they used to play more cautiously but as they are achieving more and more success, they are getting more confident

Flipside won versus NIP. Period. It feels more like B1ade won versus Threat rather than Flipside won vs NIP. As Flusha had said, they are very predictable in their calls and their gameplay. This played into Flipsideś hands as they were able to thrash NIP on Cache one of their best maps.


However that advantage against NIP will be absent from their match against SK. SK are a much  more tactical team who are willing to adapt according to the game.


The Prediction : 73%-27% SK

The Bet : Medium on SK