SK vs Fnatic – ESL League Tips, Odds and Preview.

ESLSK and Fnatic are matched up against each other in the Alientech Cup on the 24th of February 2016 at 23:00 CET on Cache



Fnatic’s new roster have been playing very pug heavy. They have been emulating EnVyUs’ style of gameplay preferring maps such as Dust2, Cache and Inferno, Cobblestone. Their skill makes up the lack of high value strats on their team. Cache which is one of the favorite maps for the new roster. They have had very good success on this map as they have been playing on it for a long time and defeated some of the better teams on it.




SK’s play on Cache is bad to say the least. They don’t play this map as often and against a very high skilled teams such as Fnatic winning will be quite difficult.


The prediction : 80%-20% Fnatic

The Bet : Medium on Fnatic