SK vs GameAgents – Operation: Kinguin #2 Tips, Odds and Preview

Operation Kinguin


SK and GameAgents are matched up against each other in Operation Kinguin #2 to be held on the 9th of March 2016 at 21:00 CET.




SK are the third best Danish team. Their roster boasts people such as Pimp, Magiksboi, MODDII, Friis and Aciilion. These players are all very  talented individually and their performance as a team has been even better. The team itself is not doing that great in terms of results, however they definitely have the potential to easily defeat GameAgents.



The team is formed around Foda, Gabesson and NEY. Barcode adds the much needed raw aim required to take down tougher opponents. However the team has not been able to reach their potential and they haven’t had many wins over other teams. They even lost to Deathtrap 6-16. These results are not really good. However prior to that match, they have had wins over Imperial Dragons and Platinum. These teams are nowhere near the level of SK however they are somewhat decent tier three teams.


The odds for this match are bound to be heavily in favor of SK. However GameAgents, despite their really bad results are not a team that deserve such low odds.


The Prediction : 70%-30% SK

The Bet :  ICB  – Low GameAgents