SK vs Immortals | Dreamhack Summer | Tips Odds and Previews

Dreamhack Summer 2016


SK and Immortals are matched up against each other in the Group Stage of Dreamhack Summer 2016 to be held on the 19th of June 2016 at 18:00 CEST.


SK have had some decent matches recently. They lost 12-16 to Astralis on Overpass. Considering how good Astralis is on Overpass, the 12 rounds of SK is actually quite an achievement. SKś roster includes well known T2 Danish members such as Aciilion, MODDII, Friis, glaive as well as a very good player in Valde. SK have even faced Immortals earlier in this tournament on Train and they won against them 16-13.


Immortals currently seem to be extremely hyped mainly from their Tempo Storm days. However we saw a very disappointing performance by the Brazilian team during the Major qualifiers ( to be honest that is the more important tournament ). Immortals have been slacking quite a bit and the loss of Peacemaker is clearly visible in their tactics and game-play. They are hardly able to execute with the accuracy and precision which they were well known for. The aim is definitely there within the team, however they have not been able to trade frags properly or due to some miscommunication.


Considering the odds on this match ( which are in favor of Immortals right now), a Low to Medium bet on SK  makes sense


The Prediction : 60%-40% SK

The Bet : Medium on SK