SK vs NRG | E League Group C | Tips, Odds and Previews


SK and NRG are matched up against each other in the playoff stage of Group C for Eleague to be held on the 8th of june 2016 at 23:30 CEST


This match is much closer than the other matches of the day. SK were able to win one match and lose one to CLG. SK have not been too glamorous in their matches so far.


Rosters :

SK vs NRG Roster

As we can see NRG themselves have not been too successful in terms of recent matches. But tabsen has joined the team for like 10 days or about a week. In terms of practice they seemed pretty rejuvenated with Ptr hitting some really good shots yesterday versus Astralis.


The Prediction : 65% – 35% NRG

The Bet : Most probably 2-1 for NRG, Low bet on NRG