SKDC vs vVv – RGN Winter Classic 2 Tips, Odds and Preview

This is the lower bracket ( Round of 4) match for the RGN Winter Classic 2 tournament. Both the teams are playing after having lost to Winterfox and GamesAcademy Respectively.


They played against Winterfox on 11th January 2016. They lost the match 2-0 ( Scoreline of 16-1 and 16-3 on Dust2 and Mirage respectively). While Mirage is definitely a very strong map for Winterfox that does not really provide an excuse for a 16-1, 16-3 loss to Winterox. It is important to note that Winterfox themselves were not on top of their form recently and for a long period of time.

SKDC vs Dynamo []

This pulled them down to the lower bracket. Their first match was against Detonate on the 12th of January 2016. They did manage to win the match with a scoreline of 16-12, however if you did manage to view how the rounds progressed ( shown in images below ) you will notice that they were pretty much trailing for a large amount of time on the map. They did pull off a really good second half to comeback and make the win.

Winterfox vs vVv Gaming []
Round Division[]

Detonate vs vvv

This was followed by a Forfeit win against Devoid Gaming. Their latest match in the tournament was against NO ID. Again we see them trailing 8-2 at one point of time. They won 4 consecutive rounds and ultimately managed a respectable 9-6 half. The purpose of pointing out these round divisions is to show that their performance has not been too impressive on their Terrorist sides. It is just that the opposing team has had a worse T side than themselves.

vvv vs Detonate - Round Progress

vvv vs NOID
Round Divisions []

vVv’s roster consists of double, cubed, jvw, nitro and koi. These players have not been long together and that does definitely affect their style of play on their T side. It ultimately does come down to aim in NA matches and on paper, it does look like SKDC have the better aim here.


SKDC’s roster consists of players named Twistzz, nifty, Invert, els, Ocean. These players on paper are definitely much better in terms of raw aim than that of vvv. They have more experience as compared to their opposing team as well.

For this tournament, they have played a few matches to come to this point in the tournament.

Their opening match was against TGB where they won 16-4, 16-12. These are good score lines considering TGB do not really have some good results to show before this match either. Their second match was against Dynamo Gaming. This was a close match and this could have gone either way. Dynamo gaming consisting of Dumore, miknutty, emode is a pretty good team in itself. The reason they are out of the tournament is because they Forfeited to vvv ( That can also be counted as a reason for vvv to be in the tournament). Anyways SKDC won that match in a close series (2-1)

SKDC vs Dynamo
SKDC vs Dynamo []

Ultimately comes the match that sends them down to the lower bracket. SKDC lost 0-2 to GamesAcademy. GA are definitely the better team here with much better aim and even experience I would say recently. They won the second map 16-14 and won the Best of three match 2-0. However the close results definitely show a very spirited fight on part of SKDC.


Judging from the results , especially from how close some of the matches have been for SKDC against much better opponents, it seems that SKDC is the better team out here. vVv have not been too close in their matches that they lost and even their wins have come off Forfeits or against much lower skilled teams

The Prediction : 70%-30% SKDC
The Bet : Low to Medium SKDC