SKT are the 2016 League of Legends World Champions!

SK Telecom T1 defeat Samsung Galaxy in an amazing 3-2

Game Analysis :

Game 1 – SKT win

Game 2 – SKT win

Game 3 – SG win

Game 4 – SG win

Game 5 – SKT win

As predicted SKT would win the series against Samsung and once again be the world champion, however, it was not anticipated that Samsung would give SKT such a run for their money. Samsung played extremely well this game, and forced SKT against the corner many times. SKT as expected, were able to capitalize on mistake from Samsung and pick them off along with amazing shot calling and roams.

Faker roamed throughout the all game multiple times and allowed his laners to get ahead, his roams were extremely well executed as well as taking into account enemy jungler sighting to reduce the likely hood of counter ganks.

SKT made many mistakes and poor decisions, but still ended up winning as they had more experience playing together compared to Samsung, not to mention they have the god duo, Faker and Benji.