SKT powers through MSI – SKT SMASHES TSM

SK Telecom T1 are powering through MSI, currently 4-0

Three time World championship winner team SKT are completely obliterating rival teams at the Mid Seasonal Invitational. They are currently 4-0 in the group stage, 2 wins of which have been against two of the best teams in NA and EU. While SKT is definitely the favourite team to take out MSI, nobody expected SKT to be this strong in the early stages of the tournament, of which they usually hold back.

Of the four games, SKT only had one game of which they choked fairly hard, where many members were picked off early in the game due to a lack of map awareness. However, SKT quickly picked up in that game against G2 even though they were down 4-0. Where most teams would make mistakes and allow the enemy to snow ball, SKT bounced back and follows up with various picks and a favourable team fight which stabilised the game.

Between TSM and SKT, the top Korean team completely obliterated the top North American team. While every lane was in SKT’s favour, the game was attributed mostly to SKT jungler Peanut. Peanut consistently invaded rival TSM jungler Sven, picking him off in 1 v 1’s, denying buffs as well as counter ganking almost perfectly in every situation which prevented TSM from ever having a chance to bounce back.