SKT resign Faker, Blank, Botlane and coach

While Huni and Peanut left SKT, the team has re-signed their other members

Earlier in the month, SK Telecom T1, the runners up to the 2017 LoL World Championship had announced they would not be resigning Huni and Peanut.

Ofcourse, the world’s best mid-laner, Faker, has been resigned to the team once again. While they were unable to take the championships this year, Faker was by far the best play on the team, frequently carrying the team to victory, even when they were behind.

Unexpectedly, Bang and Wolf were signed  instead of Peanut and Huni. While the bot lane duo hadn’t played too badly, they certainly under performed in the world stage.

SKT’s coach, Kkoma, the one who has always been by SKT’s side will continue to coach and mentor the players.