SKT T1 Skins released on shop – Limited time!

As per usual, the winners of the League of Legends World Championships each get to choose a champion they would like a skin to represent them.

As SKT has won 2 world champion ships so far, they will be getting another set of skins from the champion of their choice. These skins in the past have represented the team’s outfit and logo, but this year it has changed slightly. The skins this year doesn’t really represent SKT beside for the common color of red, but they look AMAZING!

This years’ skins will be :

SKT Renekton – Marin
SKT Elise – Bengi
SKT Ryze – Faker
SKT Azir – Easyhoon
SKT Sivir – Bang
SKT Alista – Wolf

Skt skinsThe recall animations have also been chosen by the players this year which is awesome as it just mean’s the skins represent the players more. All the skins will be sold for the usual 975 RP so get them in store while you can until the 1st of September 23:59 PDT.