SKT takes first place at MSI!


As expected, former 3 time world champions SKT, have taken out G2 to win MSI

Let’s be honest, we all expected SKT to once again dominate the international scene after they showed an extremely strong performance in the LCK, the equivalent of the NA LCS. The team maintains extremely strong, even after their 2016 world performance, where they signed 2 of the best players, Peanut and Huni. Previous world champion teams have dropped off after their wins at Worlds, but SKT prevails and breaks this trend, only having a single hiccup period where they failed to qualify for worlds over the past 4 years.

SK Telecom T1 took out G2 Esports, 3-1, in an amazing series of games. Each game were played by both teams at an extremely high level, where the two contenders truly deserved to be fighting for the top spot at MSI. While it widely known that SKT were definitely no underdog, G2 did put up a very good performance against the former world champions, taking a single match against them, only a feat 2 others teams were able to do. While G2 did have an extremely rocky start, finishing 4-6 in the groups and almost losing to TSM and failing to qualify for the quarterfinals, they surprisingly defeated Team World Elite 3-1, where Team WE finished groups 7-3.

As G2 did make it to the finals at MSI, even beating Chinese team Team WE, it does confirm that EU is